About Us

Who are we?

Over the six years of developing Blue Ridge Hemp Co. (BRH), we have practiced the art of building and expanding a successful business from the ground up. Our progress has allowed us to share our products and message with a wide audience and fulfill new pursuits to accommodate the diverse breadth of our community’s interests and needs.

BRH’s success is a result of our focus on the foundational structures of our company. From marketing, fulfillment, and customer service to product development, manufacturing and more, we have learned to implement refined business procedures.

We want to use our knowledge and experience to support your company’s framework so that you can devote your work to advancement.

Our mission is to empower your business to grow by providing you with demonstrated and necessary structural tools that will allow your company to thrive.

Why Us?

Company vision is the fun part, but carrying out professional goals requires a strong foundation of business procedures that can be tedious to employ. These procedures demand meticulous methods and can present challenges to new companies.

Over the course of our work with Blue Ridge Hemp Co., we have determined effectual core systems by finding solutions to past challenges and emphasizing success. We have proven the efficacy of our work by managing collaborative ventures between Blue Ridge Hemp Co. and other companies.

Our Values

Purpose – Everything we do hold the intent of our purpose to make a positive change in this world and that is how we approach each new project and client, ensuring that the process will lead to a positive impact.

Ambition – Our ambition matches our desire to succeed and we credit our rapid growth to this value.

Accessible – At Blue Ridge Network we believe in building strong, open lines of communication with our clients and employees, to ensure we are all working towards the same goals in synergy.

Adaptable – We realize that every client and business has their own individual needs and it is our mission to supply services that meet all these different needs.

Learning - We are continuously striving for our own internal growth and the development of knowledge and internal processes, we are always open to work with new projects and clients who will go through the learning process with us.

Caring – At Blue Ridge Network we care deeply about our clients and our team. We believe in processes that enrich everyone and strive to continuously create an environment where both our clients and team feel comfortable with communication, goals and the deliverables of work.

Community – Our community is central to our growth and methodologies, we cherish our team members, our clients and believe in giving back to the community.